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She brings me to my knees

My BabyGirl Rachael Jacks, shes my baby Only god knows how many times shes saved me. Shes the only one who can bring me to my knees For her I would

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The biggest Truth Of my Life.....

I am from Pakistan. im 19 yrs old now. its abt 10 mons ago. i love some one. he was mine 1st and last love. i had jst seen him on a wedding party nd i

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Crazy Town Storm

Denial and loss and pain and grief, Are all over shadowed by my hate, claws, and teeth. You are one of many who I let bring me far down, But I will

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I love you

I love you so much you dont have no clue. this love its true believe me boo. I feel like im in love everytime you show me how. The way you hug me tight

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When I first looked into your eyes I saw my future When I first felt your hands on my skin I felt like there will never be nor someone who can come between

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I pour the boold out of my heart for you and all you can say is BYE?

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TWO HEARTS; TWO BODIES _______________________________________________________ I am dark; but brave like a shark, The flames of sun made me dark; Pretty

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Breaking up with me Luis Delgado

Break ups aren't always meant for a ''MAKE UPS'' sometimes relationships end in order for you to ''WAKE UP''.<3

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My Broken Pen...

At this moment, And being in this small hut, I stay alone; holding a torn-out paper; an inkless, broken pen, You alone can figure out, my outlook; my

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She is more fair !

She is more fair! The beauty dawns early, She is more fair; Nature is ever green; She warm up to care; Towards the green hills, winter covers cold;

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An ode to my own Death!

An ode to my own Death! Your body is my shelter; the only shelter; Your mind is my prison; the only prison; I am being enlightened; I am in dark; I

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love poem.....

Love not only so true, but so strong, yes yes its you, the only love of my life, the prince in my fairytale, the king in my dream, the most amazing smile

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My Megan

Megan your love I need So hard to see how Days go by and time flies by Your all I need to me Can't you see you mean a lot to me You should know, you're

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Short Love Poems ~¤§(Love Poems Queen)§¤~ Read, Enjoy & Share

Read & enjoy the beauty of short love poems. A variety of the best love poems. Romantic Love Poems

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he tells me

He tells me I'm pretty He tells me I'm smart He tells me he loves me with all his heart He tells me nothing in this world can tear us apart

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