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Bottoms up! The 'BUMkini' that promises to transform your derriere
This one is really a first. A bra for your BUTT! The Biniki, worn under pants, holds up the bottom giving it a firm look to rival even curvy stars Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

New York chef makes cheese out of wife's BREAST milk
This is really another first. In a move that has delighted some and disgusted others, a chef has made cheese out of his wife's breast milk.

Women cause fewer accidents than male drivers, study says
Surprised? Forget the clichés about women being bad drivers. Statistics prove that women are involved in fewer accidents than men.

Baby boys who have a nanny 'turn into womanisers'
It seems that you need to spend more time with your kids. Employing a nanny to look after your baby son could turn him into serial womaniser, claims a psychiatrist.

An hour of daily exercise 'needed to stay slim'
Surprise surprise... The recommended half an hour of exercise a day may not be enough to stop weight gain.

Firms 'missing out on female talent', WEF report says
The world's leading firms are failing to make the most of the talents of their female workforce.

Is a woman's place in the home?
The survey of over 24,000 adults in 23 countries showed that people from India (54 percent), Turkey (52 percent), Japan (48 percent), China, Russia, Hungary (34 percent each) and South Korea (33 percent) were most likely to agree that women should not work.

Why women now prefer Johnny Depp to Sean Connery
This one was a bit of a surprise to me. British women now prefer feminine looking men over their more rugged counterparts because they no longer need to worry about the survival of the fittest, new research suggests.

The science of ever-lasting love
Psychologist John Gottman has shown he can predict with 90 per cent accuracy which newlywed couples will remain married and which will divorce four to six years later.

Pregnancy Issues

'Eating for two' may harm baby
Pregnant women are often assumed to be “eating for two”, but a high-calorie diet may also be influencing the sex and health of their child, researchers say.

Boys and girls differ in genetic response to what mom eats
You are what your mother ate, to some extent; how much depends partly on whether you are a boy or a girl, new research shows.

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