"Is he interested in me?" All women have been there – is he just being friendly or does he want something more than friendship? Are there ways of telling the difference without making a complete fool of yourself? Why not try the following?

1. Make it apparent that you want to see a certain movie and say that none of your friends can go with you. Look directly at him and smile nicely. If he has not asked you out by the end of the evening, back off and forget him.

2. Ask a group of people (of whom he is one) to your house for dinner. Make it clear that you have organised this already and ask him to join the party as a slight afterthought. If he is at all interested, he will accept the invitation.

3. Mention that you need help of some sort, such as connecting up your video machine or moving a heavy cupboard. If he likes you, he will offer to help. If he looks the other way and pretends not to hear, give up on him.

4. Invite him to a prestigious event, such as a charity ball or your sister’s wedding. If he takes trouble with his appearance and seems to be enjoying the event, you might just be in there with a winning chance.

5. In conversation, say casually "I like you" in the same tone of voice in which you would say, "I like your shoes." If he does not respond, you have not lost face and you have also got the answer you wanted.

Be brave, but do not pursue something if the interest is obviously not reciprocated. You can cause yourself great embarrassment.

(Susan Erasmus, Health24)

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