Another study confirming that you might become fat if your friends are fat was published earlier this week.

This applies particularly to teens. The researchers found that "having a fat friend could lead to weight gain for a child."

"Other work has shown that you take on the weight attributes of your friends more than other people surrounding you, like neighbours, even if your friends live many miles away," another expert said.


It seems that the reason behind this link is that people catch unhealthy habits from their friends.

So if you have children, you need to see who they are hanging around with...

In fact, a new report from Nuffield Foundation said that there's no evidence that "bad teens" are the fault of bad parenting, but the result of peer pressure. Peer pressure has increased tremendously lately.

This shows just how powerful peer influence has become these days.

It also show that parents have the responsibility of monitoring their children's friends...

Good luck!


Here is the link to the full article about the effects of friends' obesity.

And here is the link to the full article about bad teen's behavior.