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How a hypnotist on the labour ward helped me give birth without pain
Mrs Walker, 30, went into labour last Friday night. With a long-held terror of needles. But a hypnotist told her to imagine a time in her life when she felt good about herself. Her husband watched in amazement as she became calmer, cooler and much more in control.

Going to the shops takes up THREE years of a woman's life
A woman shops for almost three years of her life, according to research. But what may be surprising for her partner is that not all that time is spent browsing the latest fashions. Each year a woman will spend almost as much time buying food as buying clothes.

Pregnancy exercise 'slims babies'
Light exercise during pregnancy may improve the future health of a child by controlling weight in the womb, New Zealand and US researchers say.

Aggression against women

Merciless: Woman shopkeeper beaten to the floor by masked robbers wielding telescopic batons
She had dared to stand up to the thugs who raided her shop. They returned to take a violent revenge. Shocking CCTV images of the robbery capture one of the masked gang beating 43-year-old Deb Kemp with a metal baton after shoving her behind the counter.

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