I have some interesting stuff that broke out just this week.

Man who raped HIS daughter, 4, walks free after claiming he suffered from 'sexsomnia'
Believe it or not! A court acquitted a man of raping his four-year-old daughter because he claimed he was asleep at the time.

Daily chocolate may keep the heart doctor away
Eating as little as a quarter of an ounce of chocolate each day -- an amount equal to about one small Easter egg -- may lower your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke, a new study has found.

Tiger Woods 'paid mistress No 1 Rachel Uchitel $10m to keep quiet'
Yep... That's right, 10 MILLIONS! Golfer Tiger Woods paid one of his alleged mistresses this money to keep quiet, it was claimed.

Now Jessica Simpson pours salt water up her nose as she tries yet another bizarre beauty therapy
She's also eaten fried worms in a bid to boost her metabolism and put lit candles in her ears to remove excess wax.

Optimism can boost your immunity
Optimism doesn't just boost your mood. According to new research, a glass-half-full attitude also strengthens the immune system.

Why your man will NEVER understand how you feel
When I came up with the idea of writing my book The Male Brain, nearly everyone made the same joke: 'That will be a short book!' But while culturally females may consider men to be rather simple creatures, nothing could be further from the truth...

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