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Can the power of thought stop you ageing?
In 1979 psychologist Ellen Langer carried out an experiment to find if changing thought patterns could slow ageing. But the full story of the extraordinary experiment has been hidden until now.

Teenage pregnancy more opportunity than catastrophe, says study
Authors urge politicians to tackle social disadvantage rather than stigmatising young parenthood.

Boredom 'may be bad for health'
People who reported being bored were likely to die younger than those who were not, researchers said.

Teen aggression tied to expectant mom’s blues
Women who are depressed while pregnant may be more likely than other expecting moms to have kids who are physically aggressive as teens, a new study finds.

Obese People Lose Weight at High Altitudes
In a recent study, obese individuals who spent time at a mountain facility at high altitudes lost weight without going on a diet. And they kept the pounds off for at least four weeks once they returned to normal altitudes.

Is your love worth $1 million this year's Valentine's Day?
It's the million-dollar question: how much is your love worth? Abu Dhabi's Emirates Palace hotel wants punters to answer that this year by booking what it calls a once-in-a-lifetime dream holiday.

More cat owners 'have degrees' than dog-lovers
People who own a cat are more likely to have a university degree than those with a pet dog, a study by Bristol University suggests.

Aggression Against Women:

Attacker throws animal semen over girls in Bury
A man who throws animal semen on schoolgirls is being hunted by police following a sixth attack.

Queens girl Alexa Gonzalez hauled out of school in handcuffs after getting caught doodling on desk
A 12-year-old Queens girl was hauled out of school in handcuffs for an artless offense - doodling her name on her desk in erasable marker, the Daily News has learned.

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