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Anger over reality television 'virgin auction'
I think this is SICK! An Australian documentary maker has convinced several young people to appear in a reality television programme in which they auction their virginity to the highest bidder. The virgins will be paid $20,000 each to take part in the auction and will also receive 90 per cent of their "sale price".

Wonderbra with push-up that boosts cleavage by up to TWO cup sizes (PICS)
WOW! The revolutionary new product by Marks & Spencer is meant to make your breasts look bigger overall. Don't miss the pictures.

A Woman's Touch Can Lead to... Risky Behavior?
What happens after a soft caress? If you're thinking something frisky or risque, think again.

Sorry, men ARE more brainy than women!
One of the main reasons why there are not more female science professors or chief executives or Cabinet ministers is that, on average, men are more intelligent than women, a female professor claims.

Aggression against women

Mum sells daughter for sex
A mother prostituted her 12-year-old daughter for $100 for half-an-hour and an extra $50 for men who did not want to use a condom. The court heard that the girl made $2000 a day. The mother finally admitted that she sold the girl for sex to more than 100 men over a four-week period.

Israel jails man for 'holy semen' sex abuse
He claimed that his semen was holy and had healing powers. He was convicted of rape, sodomy and indecent acts.

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