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Vogue's best dressed woman of the decade
She is Kate Moss! Style Director at Vogue says, "At every moment Kate Moss has looked chic and cool." We couldn't agree more.

How the way you tilt your face could be the secret to seduction
Research shows we can make ourselves more appealing simply by shifting our facial position. Women are more alluring if they angle their head forwards, so they have to look slightly upwards. In contrast, men become more masculine if they tilt their head back and look slightly down their nose.

Comfort food and sex have key to reduce stress: Study
Feeling low; grab a chocolate or have sex. Recent study by a team of researchers has revealed that pleasurable activities such as eating your favorite food or indulging in sex help in reducing stress among people.

Healthy sex life makes men live longer
A healthy sex life makes men live longer, according to Italian scientists, providing you are faithful to your partner.

Drinking water can help shed the pounds
Scientists have confirmed that drinking water before a meal helps shed the pounds.

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