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German Big Brother star dies after SIXTH b*** job
German 23-year-old p*** star Cora has died following complications during her sixth operation. She had been in a coma for nine days following the operation when she died. She was going from a 34F to a 34G.

Shocking stat: 25% answer phone during sex?!
Men are the biggest offenders, it seems, as they're three times more likely than women to halt action between the sheets in order to grab their cells. Also, 94 percent of those polled admitted to having their phone with them at all times.

She doesn't understand you because you are too close
Psychologists believe that when two people know each other too well they assume too much shared knowledge and their language becomes dangerously ambiguous. This "closeness communication bias" can lead to long term misunderstandings, rows and even relationship problems, they believe.

Forget going to the gym: Mopping uses more calories
An hour of pushing a mop across the floor and wringing it out in a bucket works off 238 calories. To sweat this off at the gym, you would have to spend up to an hour on an exercise bike or an hour and 10 minutes lifting weights.

Stop that saggy b*** without going to the gym (Video)
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