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Life after rape
"I was raped in my own home, where I thought I was safe. Afterwards I was too frightened to sleep during the day or night. I had to find somewhere else to live..." Three women talk about their devastating experiences...

The top 10 odd things men think are romantic
Putting the bins out, offering to make a cuppa and putting the toilet seat down are just some of the odd things men think are romantic! Check out the list...

AskMen's top 99 women list shows men want late-20s brunettes
Not only has Beyonce been featured on the top 99 all 10 years, she even came out as #1 in 2007. The only other two women who managed to make the list for an entire decade? Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen. Here is the list of the winners:

Women spend more on beauty than health
Study researchers revealed that on average British women spend 336 pounds on beauty enhancement products and mere 228 pounds on gym membership and health care.

Sex at the Natural History Museum - audio slideshow
Curators at London's Natural History Museum describe the weird, inventive and downright devious sex on display in the new Sexual Nature exhibition...

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