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Michelle Obama's breastfeeding campaign (Video)
Fox News contributor Sandy Rios appeared on America Live to criticize Michelle Obama for promoting breastfeeding. See the video...

200 reported ill after Playb** Mansion party (Video)
Two days after partying and networking at a conference in Los Angeles, David Castello suddenly fell ill with uncontrollable chills and a 102 degree fever.

Dog owners are more attractive than gadget geeks, women say
Young women find dogs sexier than smartphones. The bad news for geeks was released yesterday in a Retrevo.comstudy aimed at finding out whether gadgets make people more attractive as love interests.

Church-door kidnap fails to deter Brazilian bride
A Brazilian woman was kidnapped moments before walking down the aisle, but despite being robbed of her jewelry and wedding car returned to the church two hours later to marry her beau.

Malawians voice anger against farting bill (Video)
Residents in Malawi's financial capital Blantyre have reacted angrily at government attempts to criminalise farting in public!

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