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Barcelona moves to keep bikinis off the streets
Authorities in Barcelona are preparing a massive campaign to convince tourists in swimwear to put on clothes when they leave the beach.

Why you mustn't be happier than your wife
A new report says that the marriages that work best are the ones where the downtrodden, henpecked husband is more miserable than his partner.

That dress looks great... and other lies your friends tell you
A study has found that four in ten women will lie to friends about how an outfit looks, in order to make themselves look better by comparison.

Breast Milk Does DNA Good
Researchers has confirmed a newborn gulping breast milk may be doing his or her genes good.

Suspicious wives master the art of high-tech spying
Research has shown that suspicious wives are almost twice as likely as their husbands to spy on their spouse's online activities.

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My wife had a 'cyber affair' with my best friend
My wife and I visited my best friend and his family recently for a holiday. But when we got home, my wife starting behaving in a very odd way...

Why do so many women put up with domestic violence?
My daughter lives with her husband who, while drunk, often beats her up in front of their three children. When I suggest she should leave him, she just laughs...

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