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The mystery of the message in the bottle
The letter was from a mother to 'all ships at sea, all ports of call, to my family, to all friends and strangers', but most of all it was a love letter to her son Maurice – a son who had died aged 13. It was beautiful, poetic, tragic – and unsigned...

Women's bodies choosy about sperm
A woman's body may be unconsciously selective about sperm, allowing some men's to progress to pregnancy but killing off the chances of less suitable matches. If a couple couldn't get pregnant, and the man's semen test was normal, the problem lay with the woman. But it appears this is not always the case...

A new LASER therapy for a bigger bust without surgery
But is it too good to be true? The latest technique will be a new era for many women, competing with the host of surgical and needle-based procedures on the market...

Shopping makes men impotent
Oh no! Another excuse for men to avoid shopping...

If I was your pimp, I'd be very rich
Believe it or not, this sentence was said by TEACHER to his 14-year-old students at an all-girls school.

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