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Miss World contest: China accused of helping American teen win
American teenager Alexandria Mills, 18, was crowned the winner of the 60th anniversary beauty contest on Saturday. But celebrations were tainted by claims that her biggest rival, Miss Norway, was cheated out of the title by the competition’s Chinese hosts.

Miss Beer beauty contest: Winner revealed to be a porn star
Organisers of the Miss Beer beauty contest have cancelled its results after winner Jana Kaderavkova, 20, was revealed to be a porn star.

"I found my dad's porn stash when I was 12"
When I was 12, I found my dad's porno stash in the fifth and sixth drawers of the red Craftsmen tool cabinet in the far-left corner of his workshop...

The key to fighting fair in a relationship (Video)
Dating coach Evan Marc Katz gives advice on how to fight fair in a relationship. One major key to getting through your next argument? Listen!

Oral sex leads to intercourse among teens, study
Three-year survey found that teens who had oral sex by the end of ninth grade were at the highest risk of having sexual intercourse during high school. These teens had a 25-percent chance of having intercourse by the end of ninth grade and a 50-percent chance by the end of 11th grade.

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