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Soulmates stories: My disastrous date
She arranged a hot date with a Johnny Depp lookalike. She tells us her real, adventurous story including how her dress split up to the waist while dancing! Watch the video...

Dying man renews wedding vows with wife
He made his dying wish come true by renewing his wedding vows with his 72-year-old wife. How romantic... See the pictures.

The magic mirror
Screen lets you try on outfits... without taking your clothes off.

Women exercising together lose weight early
The average female will shed more than 10 pounds when she has girlfriends who are willing to eat healthily and train with her. But a fifth of those who choose to do it alone don't drop a single pound. Why am I not surprised...

Men can experience pregnancy
Men can develop symptoms typically seen in pregnant women when their partner is expecting. Men may experience food cravings, cramps, back pain, mood swings and morning sickness.

Wives spend six days a year nagging their husbands
Put down that beer and wash the dishes! The most common subject women nagged their partners about was not helping to tidy the home, a study has concluded...

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