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Don't say you love me when you don't
Friends, lovers, children and even complete strangers: anyone who is remotely friendly can now say, 'I love you'. But there was a time when those three words, heavy with meaning, were the test for how your relationship was going.

Husbands can be jailed for insulting wives under new French law
Insulting your partner over their physical appearance or making false accusations about infidelity can now lead to jail.

If your friends get divorced, you could be next in line
Break-up of relationships within groups of friends is contagious, a new study concluded. It threw up further bad news for divorcees – they stand to lose 10% of friends and are seen by some as a social threat.

Women enjoy best sex as they approach 40
Women have higher sex drives in their thirties and early forties than in their younger years because they fear their 'biological clock' is ticking, researchers claim.

Sorry, guys: Up to 80 percent of women admit faking it
The study shows that those seemingly uncontrollable 'ohmigods' during apparent orgasm are often play-acting meant to 'manipulate' men. The researchers broke down the intimate vocalizations into categories that included 'silence,' 'moan/groan,' 'scream/shriek/squeal,' 'words' (such as 'Yes!' or the partner’s name, and 'instructional commands' like 'more.'...

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