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The double life of women
This one is certainly one of the best I've ever read. Women prefer quite different kinds of men depending on whether or not they are fertile...

Attractive women may be less likely to get hired
Good-looking men were 50 percent more likely to get called for job interviews, but good-looking women were much less likely to land an interview. The reason? Most corporate human resources employees sorting through resumes are young, single women.

Man says he groped nurse to say thanks!
But the nurse and the police do not agree that 53-year-old Joseph Wolf’s act was an act of gratitude.

Teacher struck off for telling students about her sex life
She referred to a group of pupils as 'slags', told them she burnt her nipple while cooking naked and explicitly discussed her sex life...

Sorry girls, men don't find your Silicon Valleys sexy (Pics)
Big breasts, small breasts, no breasts, droopy breasts and va-va-voom domes of perfection. Yes, I’ve known and loved them all. But there’s one type of figure I just can’t fathom: boob-job breasts.

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