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Women secretly love cheesy chat-up lines
Although many women claim to find them tasteless, two thirds actually like it when a guy uses a flirty chat-up line on them.

10 fascinating flirting facts
Some very surprising information that you can use to your advantage...

Nottingham law student crowned Miss England
Jessica Linley, 21, fought off the charms of nearly 60 other English hopefuls at the annual beauty pageant at the Hilton hotel in Birmingham.

Miss England becomes MRS England after secret wedding on tropical island
It is no longer Miss but Mrs England - Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, who currently holds the coveted crown, has married. The soldier, dubbed 'Combat Barbie', tied the knot in a secret ceremony held in Sri Lanka, in June.

One in four lap-dancers has a degree (Video)
A study by the University of Leeds has found women are choosing to work as lap-dancers because they can earn more than in traditional graduate jobs. Watch the video report...

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