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Can a woman forgive an affair?
A woman may forgive a sexual betrayal, but can't bear having her emotional security threatened. Men, however, can't stand the idea of another man laying claim to his woman's body.

My husband is at home all day, but won't help out around the house
He sold his business and hasn't found another job. He is at home a lot of the time. He doesn't help with our two young children and keeps telling me to carry on as if he isn’t there. He continually asks me what I am doing...

No Seats for Pregnant Ladies?
A survey says 84% of pregnant women regularly have to stand. Some seated commuters claim they don't to offer their seats in case the women turns out not pregnant but just fat!

Why you should NEVER believe shop assistants
"Wow, that looks amazing! You should try that with this top, they look fabulous together. I'll just get you a pair of shoes to go with them, size 6, right? My name's Lucy, do let me know if you need anything at all." Find out how shop assistants trick you into buying...

Fired for being TOO sexy
A sexy banker claims in a lawsuit that her bosses fired her because her appearance was too distracting. She was reprimanded for dressing too sexily and said she was told by her bosses to tone down her wardrobe.

Bad bedroom body image
Three-quarters of women are paranoid about there bodies in the bedroom. Wobbly bits, fat tummies and stretch marks remain obstacles for many.

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