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Women prefer men with hairy chests
As the trend for metrosexual waxing falls out of favour, waxing and excessive shaving got the thumbs down, with girls opting for a 'real man' instead!

7 beauty sins to avoid (Video)
Dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf points out what we should NOT be doing, from booking time in tanning beds to staying in sweaty gym clothes post-workout. Watch the video...

Men more likely to cheat on a woman who earns more
Oh, oh! Making less money than a female partner may threaten men’s gender identity. But for women, the opposite is true. Check out the details...

Unfaithful men twice as likely to be caught cheating than women
Well, this is the other side of the scale... Women are better at hiding evidence and are far more careful to log out of private email accounts and Facebook and keep separate email addresses and SIM cards specifically for their lover's use.

80% of women hide clothing buys from partner
Some describe new items as 'an absolute bargain' while others regularly claim 'it was in the sale'. On the list of the top 10 clothing lies...

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