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10 things to say to the one you love
Many struggle with their words when trying to decide just how to express the depth of their emotion. Here are some proven classics that can show your partner that your feelings are real and long-lasting.

Brazil's sex tourism boom
Her small bikini exposes her tiny frame. She looks no older than 13. She asks for less than $5 for her services. Taxi drivers work with the girls who are too young to get into the bars. One offers me two for the price of one and a lift to a local motel.

Women are attracted to men in red
Simply wearing the color red makes a man more attractive and sexually desirable to women, and the effect is consistent across cultures.

Having a sister makes you a kinder person
Growing up with at least one girl in the family wards off feelings of loneliness, guilt and fear as well as boosting confidence.

Artist uses her breasts rather than a paintbrush
She produces her artwork using an unusual method - covering her 38DD assets in paint and pressing them against the canvas. See the video...

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