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What women really want: To marry a rich man
Women still want to marry men who are better educated and earn more money than them, a report finds...

"We're all such mean girls"
Writer Kelly Valen has sparked controversy in the U.S. by claiming that women are 'inordinately' mean to each other. Her new book, The Twisted Sisterhood, she discusses what she calls 'the dark side of female friendship', and argues why she believes women hate each other far too much.

11 myths & facts about cheating (Slide show)
"As women are more involved in the workforce and travel on business trips, they encounter more situations which make them prone to cheating." Dr. Fine also says women bond more easily than men. "When they work closely with men, they feel more emotionally vested in the relationship."

Working women more stressed out than men: Study
Women are best known for managing their roles as a homemaker and a professional quite perfectly, but the juggling can cost them more stress than they can handle, better known as, double-shift stress syndrome, reveals a new study.

Why single women go for married men
It is a worrying question which has crossed many a married woman’s mind: Does my best friend have a crush on my husband? According to scientists, her concern could well be justified. Studies show that when deciding if someone is attractive, we take our cue from others.

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