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Men who help with housework have happier marriages
This is no surprise for women. The secret to a happy marriage is to roll up your sleeves and help your wife with the housework, making the marriage more likely to last.

Men tell more lies than women
This is no surprise for women, either. A survey showed that the average male tells 1,092 lies every year - roughly three a day - and in so doing, he is less likely to suffer a guilty conscience than his female counterpart.

Teeth need care during pregnancy
Only 22 percent to 34 percent of U.S. women see a dentist during pregnancy, while this can lead to pain and infections, can affect the nutritional intake of pregnant women, and can hurt fetal growth and survival.

New proof of intelligence: Lying from an early age
Toddlers who can fib by the time they are two could be the chief executives of tomorrow.

Love-struck Kangaroo hunts Aussie women
Female residents in the isolated town of Tennant Creek have complained that the animal has been lurking and making its intentions very clear.

Is a woman more likely to conceive if she enjoys sex?
Answer from Britain's leading fertility expert to this intriguing question.

Beetroot juice found to boost stamina
Beetroot juice boosts stamina by making muscles more fuel-efficient, scientists have found.

Aggression against women

Taiwan court convicts runaway groom of fraud
He first accepted jewelery from the woman he promised to marry, then called off the wedding citing a "family taboo."

Woman to sue phone company after husband discovered affair through bill
A Canadian woman is suing a mobile phone company after her husband discovered she was having an affair when her phone bill was sent to him, and left her.

University disciplines scientist for showing paper on bat sex
A British scientist has been disciplined for sexual harassment for showing a female colleague a research paper about fellatio in bats.

Company where manager 'showed women porn' to pay $250m for sex discrimination
A New York court has awarded $250million against drug giant Novartis for discriminating against female employees in the largest case of its kind. Some 5,600 women will share the money as compensation for 'systemic gender discrimination', which included pregnant employees being encouraged to have an abortion.

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