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Miss Great Britain allows single mothers and divorcees
For first time ever! To promote equal opportunity, new owner Liz Fuller has also BANNED bikinis, with a return to a one-piece swimsuit round...

A third of men would dump girlfriend over lesbian kiss
While most might assume that men’s greatest fantasy would be to watch their girlfriend kiss another woman, a new survey has revealed it's a myth.

One in 10 men surf the internet for adult content
And 40% of those peek at saucy pictures while their partner is in the next room! And one in 5 admitted ‘secretly’ going online to look at their favourite sites when their partner is asleep. Naughty, naughty...

Reasons for having sex linked to satisfaction
Both men and women are more satisfied when having sex out of love and commitment, while having sex to get material goods or to get ahead was associated with a less satisfying experience.

Does my bum look good in this?
Makers of the Wonderbum dresses have decided that women’s bottoms now come in four shapes: the pear, tomato, potato or nectarine. See the pic...

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