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Miss Universe contestant claims "sabotage" led to her loss
Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell says one of her 82 rivals at this year's Miss Universe pageant tampered with her festive national dress just before she took the stage in Las Vegas last month!

Blinking madness!
Car lashes are the most patronising 'female-friendly' gimmick of the lot. A MUST see picture:

Want a girl child?
Then you need to stop eating bananas, reduce your salt intake and go to bed together often, says a new study.

Woman wins back bf over tearful video diary on YouTube
Sobbing and miserable after splitting up with her boyfriend, she captured her raw emotions on a series of videos and posted them online as an outlet for her pain. But one member of her audience was more moved than the rest, her ex-boyfriend...

Mother stabbed twice then choked to death by her lover
Because she shouted another man's name during sex. He flew into a rage when his girlfriend suddenly cried out: 'Chris!'.

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