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What is he supposed to do while she is giving birth?
Wait outside the delivery room. Witnessing her giving birth may make the husband feel a failure & damage paternal bonding, an expert has claimed.

Forget housework while pregnant, it could harm your new baby
New research suggests that boring and repetitive housework could lead to giving birth prematurely. Exercise, however, is good for both the mother and her unborn child.

Couple discover they are siblings
They met at a nightclub, fell in love, had a child, and then discovered they were half-brother and sister. Unbelievable...

Pregnant women should be allowed to eat more fish
Eat at least two portions of fish a week to reduce the risk of your child developing brain disorders.

The items of clothing that women think are fashionable but men hate
You may want to impress a man by dressing like your favorite celeb, but he may not stand it. See the pics.

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