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Rape survey uncovers shocking attitudes of young men (Video)
New statistics have revealed nearly half of young men still think sex with women too drunk to know what is going on is not rape. And 46% of men aged 18 to 25 also do not consider it rape if the woman changes her mind during sex. Watch the video report...

Male butt is the first thing females look at!
Six in ten girls think it is the most attractive part of his body - while 56 per cent find the eyes most alluring.

Can you get addicted to a vibrator?
Rabbits of every color imaginable, USB-powered bullets, G-spot stimulators, dildos complete with real hair, eggs with microscope attachments that allowed you to look inside as you came... but none brought me as much pleasure as The Wand.

Why it really IS possible to die of a broken heart
The immense grief of losing a loved one means that many people die within three years of their husband or wife.

Pregnancy myths busted
How you carry your bump can predict its gender? How a bump is carried is as much to do with the mother's body shape and muscle tone. With first babies, the muscles and ligaments tend to be tighter so babies are carried higher.

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