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Sex evolution
It was the seventies that saw an explosion in promiscuity, abortion and pornography... Thanks to the pill! An intereting history lesson...

Married men value mistresses over holidays and new cars
OMG! Less than 1% of men who are having an affair said they would be prepared to go without nights with their mistress in order to save money.

The BUM lift: The latest craze
There’s a steady rise in numbers of women seeking a curvier bottom. "Buttock enhancement is instinctively attractive to men," the surgeon says. "Women are wearing tighter clothes and, if you wear a thong bikini on the beach, nothing is left to the imagination."

Scans prove couples in love share 'sixth sense'
That is, two people can become physiologically aligned - parts of their nervous systems beating in harmony - despite having no physical contact with each another. How romantic!

What makes men fall in love?
After all, most of the initial attraction between men and women boils down to good old fashioned science.

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