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What every man should know about women
"Boys, believe me, it is scientifically proven that no woman ever shot her husband while he was vacuuming."

Newly-weds know each other best
Couples who have been married for decades actually know each other less than newly-weds, according to the surprise findings of a piece of research.

Why women like a cuddle after sex but men prefer a cup of tea
While women like to prolonging the intimate moment by discussing their relationship and declaring their love, men would rather smoke, eat or make a drink.

I love you, but...
Couples who have been together from 5 to 60 years talk honestly about their relationships.

Study says happy couples talk and write alike
A new study says that happy couples mimic each other's speech and writing patterns, and although there's a lot to be said for non-verbal cues, most people will admit that a blissful couplehood won't last long without the regular exchange of words in some form.

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