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What EVERY woman needs to know about why men cheat
A man spent five years interviewing 250 unfaithful husbands. In one story, a wife hurled open the door of the airing cupboard and there, crouching behind a pile of towels and sheets, was him. He was naked, except for his expensive designer glasses. "It’s not what it looks like. You are just imagining things. Please go home and everything will be OK," he said.

One finding was men nearly always cheat with women who have longer hair than their wives. Another is they cheat because they can get away with it.

Why men love dirty talk
"It speaks directly to my animal brain and takes ordinary making love and turns it into hot monkey love..." men explain why they love it when you talk dirty.

Racing boss dies after session with a perverted dominatrix
A British motor racing boss has died after allegedly taking part in a sadomasochistic sex session with a woman who claims to be "Europe’s most perverted dominatrix". On her website, she states that "Sessions can last from one hour, and even up to three days. I specialise in extreme medical and long sessions. Beware, I am not a softie."

Britain's most identical twins
They are so alike that even their boyfriends struggle to tell them apart. See the pics...

Princess Eugenie's first day as a working woman
It is not a full-time but a six-week work experience position at a prestigious auction house.

Doing things by halves makes you sad
JK Rowling, who devoted 17 years to creating Harry Potter, once said he was the centre of her life and the most important thing to her, aside from her three children. Some psychologists have argued that 'productive obsessing', or immersing yourself wholeheartedly in a project, can be not only an antidote to boredom and passivity, but also the recipe to a successful and meaningful life.

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