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Sara Apples

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Sara Apples, Love Poems Queen, about me

Wanna know about me? Sure!

Well.. I'm Sara Apples, and they call me the Love Poems Queen.

At first, like any teen girl, I liked the sweet words that I occasionally came across on the web. But there was nothing special at that point.

Until I met this guy...

I met him on some forum, and it was actually funny. It started with an argument, then it aggravated.. and aggravated.. until it became like a verbal fight, just between the two of us.

Quite unexpectedly, it finally turned out that it was merely a misunderstanding!

Then we started chatting for a while on that forum, and exchanged emails.

It's getting pretty exciting, huh? ;)

Then we started sending each other emails, but some of his emails were sweet-talk-charged..

Really sweet.

My limbs used to shake when I read his emails...

This forced me to reply to him, with messages of the same nature, of course.

So, I started writing love poems. I didn't have much difficulty.

They just came naturally.

One day, I traced back all my poems & saved them in one file. And this is the reason why you may feel that one poem sometimes has a different taste from another. Probably each was written at a different time, at a different mood.

Day by day, I continued writing & sending the poems I write to my boyfriend...

Until we were engaged!

It took a year of dating & sweet emails before the engagement. A year of continued writing and genuine dedication. A year in reply to his sweet emails & SMSes. A year full of adventure. Click here to read some REAL romantic adventures.

Now we're married!

It took us another sweet year to get married. Click here to read this REAL Maldives honeymoon trip! I still continued writing & sending love poems to my sweetheart. My poems were written for a number of reasons, and each reason can be a category. I'm planning to upload these poems, each in its corresponding category.

I'm really fond of easy-to-read poems, so I try to simplify my poems as much as possible. I also always try to include a brief explanation, usually a context, to make the meaning even clearer.

I'm really grateful to my husband's love, support & inspiration throughout the years, without which Sara Apples wouldn't have been the Love Poems Queen.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Sara Apples

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