Birthday Gift: A Real Story

Birthday Gift

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This is the story of my second birthday after meeting my love. By that time, we were already married.

The story started one day before my birthday. My husband was coming from work when he stopped at a flowers shop. He bought a nice flower bouquet. He sent me a text message saying that "some guys" may come home with me for a while. Then, he entered the guest room, as if some guys were really with him, and put the bouquet there.

I didn't know his plan yet. The next day, he woke up and went to work, just as usual. Then, he sent me a text message asking me to go to the guest room. I went there, not knowing what to expect, and saw the flowers! They also had a Happy Birthday card on it.

I was happy to see it and sent my dear husband a thank you text message.

But that was not the end.

When I sent him this text message, my husband replied to me with another message asking if I had IRONED his clothes! I got angry and replied to him saying, "Is this a proper thing to say on my birthday? Didn't find any other NICE words to say?????"

After a while, he sent me another message asking me to at least "see" the ironing board. The ironing board was always under the bed. The first thing that came to my mind was that he broke it! I hurried to see it, just to find another gift!!

It was a red box with romantic poetry on its cover. Inside it were some beautiful heart-shaped candles and some decoration paper flower. It was as beautiful as it was a surprise. And it was one of my best birthday gifts.

The moral of the story: Try to think of a two-part birthday gift, and give the second part when least expected. Try to be creative & good luck!

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