Bottomless Pit

Bottomless Pit

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bottomless, heart, sad poem, melody, lullaby

I was aiming for a short poem that shows my feelings for this guy I met and befriended. Because he is now my friend I have decided to make a poem to let go of my desire for him, or at least help lower it.

I started with "From the moment my eyes set on you, I have walked into a bottomless pit", and with that beginning I was able to let my hands do the typing without thinking too much. Please enjoy this poem of mine, it consists of my actual feelings for my friend, and how by meeting him I have fallen into a bottomless pit with no way out.

Bottomless Pit

From the moment my eyes set on you, I have walked into a bottomless pit.
You, who stood out from the crowd within my eyesight.
You, with the brightest smile I have set eyes on.
For you I can die a thousand times,
For you I will live again to follow you for all eternity.
Your eyes are beautiful as the vast sea and sky, unclouded and unclogged with confidence.
Your charm that warms my heart to unlimited degree, shall be my sanctuary.
Your voice that holds the laughter of my heart, shall forever be stored in my soul.

For how far shall I continue to fall, I wonder?

At night I sighed and whisper your name, the name that follows me to my mind and lips.
Awake I see you and your brightness presence, at night I meet you in my dreams.
A simple phrase from you set my mind at ease, a simple smile from you set my soul on fire.
My desire for you calms me down like a lullaby and its beautiful melody.
My feelings for you lose to no other, for you and I are meant to be.
I believe when you shine upon my sight that very night, as much as I felt the burning passion that awoke in me.
You, my one, have felt it too.

For how far shall I continue to fall, I wonder?

Your innocence resembles the light in ruby gem, so brimming with clear green that sparkles like the stars in the sky.
My feelings are stronger than the strongest diamond man can create, it shall remain standing to prove my love for you.
Our soul together are like the angelic sapphire, holding onto the strong passion that mends together.
My heart stood still when we met that night, yet time continues to flow taking us to a new world.
Shall I whisper to you my undying love? Shall I wonder what to do?
My desire for you are as strong as can be, and it continues to get stronger with time.
While my feelings, my mind, my heart, and my soul go into confusion.

For how far shall I continue to fall, I wonder?

Love is a strong thing given to us by the deep within.
Yet as much as it showers us with happiness,
Love also creates pain.
For a second away from you is so painful, it brings me to my knees.
I scream to myself to control my desire for you, though in the end I will continue to fall madly for you.
From the moment my eyes set on you, I have walked into a bottomless pit.
And without hesitation I have held onto these feelings that bring tears to my eyes.
I know these feelings will not lose their way, and will become more focused as day and night.
I embrace the destiny of my love, passion, desire for you, though I cannot help but let my curiosity ask:
"Within this bottomless pit, for how far shall I continue to fall, I wonder?"

~L.PHAN (Perth, WA, Australia) 3 August 2010.

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