Break-up Poems

Break-up Poems

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Break-up poems are one way to release your flaming emotions, your anger, and your pain.

Just vent it out!

But please note that breaking up with your lover is a serious decision & should be considered carefully. Take your time, calm down, and discuss it with someone who can give you an honest opinion. If you still think your lover IS a jerk, go ahead then.

Break-up poems are usually straightforward, telling the addressee, or the ex-sweetheart, about why the addresser wants to break up.


    Sham was your feeling,
    A lie were all your words.

    No matter what your tongue says,
    If you bark like a dog, or sing like birds.

    Believing you was my mistake.
    Just leave me, and find your herds.

And this is another example of break-up poems:


    Too proud you are of your beauty,
    Too hollow from the inside.

    Too wary of skirt & booty,
    Too chained to your pride.

    I'll leave you, and go away.
    And from you, I'll hide.

The poem can also show that the speaker is emotionally strong, and they are not upset by the break-up incident:


    You've been nobody for me,
    So why would I be mad?

    Maybe I fell for you,
    But was also ready if it turned bad.

    I'm not sorry & will never be.
    To leave you, I'm very glad.

You can also emphasize that it's your decision and you're sure about it. You don't want to see or hear from that person:


    Now, I can make my decision,
    Now, I will say goodbye.

    I don't want to hear from you,
    I don't need you to drop by.

    Insult, denial & discourtesy,
    Three things I cannot buy.

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Isn't life a flower? Why spend it with a jerk?!


    Life is a lovely flower,
    With a life so short, so brief.

    I don't wanna waste mine with you,
    With pain, heartache and grief.

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Sara Apples, Love Poems Queen

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