I Try
Broken Heart Poem

Broken Heart Poem

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broken heart, poem, I try, go slow, it's destiny

I try and be perfect;
I think it's not worth it.

My mind is playing these games to come and go;
I'm living too fast to show.

Living like I'm some god.
This is the fame.

My money is staked who wants to remand the same?
The game played over always ending in shame.

Look at all these haters and regulators,
Backstabbers and bootleggers.

I try... I try.

But I never found something to die for yet.
She is hiding nothing to do but wait.
I'll try not to hide over hate.
Knowing I gotta go slow, like winter snow
But it's destiny so I'll try and wait,
Because I know it's common fate.

I don't know if it's good. I don't think you guys would get it. I did it freestyle but this is what I feel right now.

By Coltaen Riees, Regina Sask, Canada

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