Broken-Heart Poems

Broken-Heart Poems

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Broken-heart poems are sad poems that let you express your pain and discomfort.

You shouldn't suppress emotions for long. It's harmful.

One easy option to express your emotions is through sad poems.

The heartbroken poem sometimes stresses that the relationship IS over, and there's no way to reconcile.


    Our love has died,
    Sadly, and cannot be revived.

    No effort will resurrect it,
    No endeavor would've survived.

And here's another broken-heart poem:


    Don't justify, don't explain,
    I can't stand all this pain.

    Don't rescue our love.
    You'll try & try in vain.

Sometimes, the heart-broken poem addresses your lover who does things no one has done to you before:


    Go away, and leave me alone.
    Don't talk to me, don't phone.

    Exhausting is pleasing you.
    Daunting it is to go through.

    To me, no-one did such before.
    I can't stand it.. not any more!

One of the most nasty things lovers can do is cheating! Horrible! Because of how sickening this is, you might not be comfortable in even mentioning it. You simply allude to it:


    I'll go away now,
    And leave you to her.

    Don't ever come back to me.
    I'll let you do what you prefer.

You may even think that the ex-lover doesn't deserve more that two lines:


    It's over, after all these years,
    Over with wailing & tears.

So, go ahead and release your anger! Tell your ex-lover - once & for all - about your feelings in rhyming, flaming lines!

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