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Cool SMS, LOVE is the water we drink, inspiration, Forgiveness , guiding me

Cool sms by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE is the bird who sings. LOVE is the water we drink. LOVE is the air we breathe. LOVE is the food we eat. LOVE is the sun shining.

  • What is LOVE... it is an abyss!

  • Do not let others speak YOUR TRUTH.

  • LOVE is letting go of doubt and fear!

  • LOVE is filling your heart and life with things that make you happy.

  • LOVE never gives up!

  • LOVE keeps on trying!

  • LOVE is not giving your POWER away.

  • LOVE has the depth of soul.

  • LOVE is a horse.

  • LOVE is inspiration.

  • Listen in the SILENCE... that is where GOD lives... that is where GOD speaks.

  • Today is the first day of a new you... Why not TRY to be the BEST you can BE... The UNIVERSE IS WATCHING!

  • When LIFE is more messed up that you think you can handle... LOOK TO THE SKY and say, "THANK YOU FOR THE LESSON." Hold on for the ride.

  • If you shift blame to self... you will be amazed at the results... NOBODY DOES ANYTHING TO YOU... but YOU.

  • Forgiveness is the way heaven justifies.

  • Dear God... Thank you for loving me. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for all the wonderful people you put on my path. AMEN

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