Crazy Town Storm

by JaX

Denial and loss and pain and grief,

Are all over shadowed by my hate, claws, and teeth.

You are one of many who I let bring me far down,
But I will rise as always, back up off of the ground.

You have taken and taken as much as I'd let,
Well, I'm done with my giving and I'm done with regret.

You stab me with tales I told you with trust, and you use them to leave my esteem in the dust.

I've done all I can to make this evil the norm, but I'm tired of living in this Crazy Town Storm.

You push buttons to see if you can make me climb walls,
You're stupid to forget about my wicked legal claws.

You're not on the lease, not a thing's in your name,
and yet you lock me out to play your childish games.

You think acting a fool will win points in your favor?
I can't wait to your gone and that's a day I'll sure savor.

I thought I would cry and be sad when we'd part,
but you've been nothing but a 4 year thorn in my heart.

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