Cute Friendship Quotes

Cute Friendship Quotes

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Enjoy these cute friendship quotes by Leia Phillips.

  • Make an agreement to be one with your friends.

  • GIVE a spark in someone's dreams.

  • Appearances deceive.

  • Sometimes evil looks like goodness.

  • If you don't like someone... try to see them differently.

  • Any person who makes your life painful... is not the kind of friend you need. Let them go.

  • When you have beautiful relationships with people, it is part of your relationship with God.

  • See your neighbor as he truly is.

  • Do not let people get you off balance.

  • LOVE turns the other cheek.


  • LOVE is seeing LOVE rather than hate. If you spend your life seeing other's faults, you are not LOVING.

  • LOVE is looking at self... instead of seeing what is wrong with everyone else on the planet... You are wasting time and not getting anywhere.

  • LOVE means getting rid of all the IDIOTS who use, abuse and don't respect you. IT IS A GOOD THING.

  • What makes me happiest...spreading LOVE. What makes me sad....when people won't let me in...or push me away!

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