Cute Love Quotes

Cute Love Quotes

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Enjoy these cute love quotes:

  • Lovers are like two lips. Whenever they dispute, they soon come back together & reconcile.

  • Love is the most precious thing you can give to others...

  • Listen to my heart how it beats when you come.

  • You come to my dreams every night, and make me wish I slept forever.

  • Show me your love, with a kiss under the rain.

  • Marriage without kissing is like a cake with no frosting.

  • If one day I don't hear your voice, I feel empty and confused.

  • Without you, my soul is empty. With you, my heart is full.

  • My life without you is like sugarless pudding.

  • You are my sunshine. At night you are my moon and star.

  • I'm your little flower. Take me, or let me wither and die.

  • LOVE = Let Others Vent Everything

  • Life is a box of chocolate. You never know what flavor you will get next.

  • I want you deep in my heart, lock you up, and be one part.

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