Cute Quotes for Girls

Cute quotes for girls

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Cute quotes for girls, butterfly, smile, knocking on your door, LOVE

Some cute quotes for girls by Leia Phillips.

  • It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope I die.

  • LOVE is realizing you have MORE LOVE than you knew! LOVE KEEPS YOU GROUNDED!

  • LOVE never leaves me.

  • LOVE is a journey of the heart!

  • LOVE is the journey of a lifetime.

  • When you LOVE, there is always someone knocking on your door.

  • LOVE surrounds you... everywhere you go.

  • LOVE does not have to chase... LOVE is the butterfly who chases you.

  • If you are not feeling LOVE, look within to find it.

  • LOVE is the courage to feel.

  • LOVE comes from within... not without.

  • LOVE keeps me whole.

  • LOVE makes me smile.

  • LOVE is the catalyst that allowed me to take a sledge hammer to my walls.

  • LOVE makes the walls come tumbling down.

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