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Cute Quotes

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And here are a number of cute quotes by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE is having wonderful friends/mentors in your life... to help you become who they see.

  • FALL in LOVE? Why not STEP UP to LOVE.

  • For all of you who want to JUDGE ME, go right ahead. Often judging others keeps us stuck and not achieving what God put us here today.



  • When LOVE shows up at the door, please OPEN and LEARN the POWER OF LOVE... It heals hearts.

  • When LOVE shows up at the door, make sure you are smiling.

  • If you are stuck in not having, see yourself having it.

  • Flowers don't advertise for bees.

  • LOVE keeps my heart opening and opening... There is a feeling of LOVE that pours from my heart to all the lonely people who need LOVE.

  • If you see lack, you will end up with nothing. If you see abundance, you will never be without.

  • LOVE is waking up & laughing out loud in bed! It makes the day start brighter.

  • LOVE is the heart's desire.

  • LOVE is more than a WORD.

  • LOVE is friends who know you and love you for just being you.

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