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cute sms, my heart, gentle side, my tears, thrills me

Read and enjoy these cute sms by Leia Phillips:

  • Speak your heart. Listen to your heart. Listen to your soul. Speak your heart.

  • LOVE speaks from my heart not my mind.

  • LOVE is letting go of the years of hurt that kept me locked up inside.

  • LOVE reveals a gentle side of me.

  • LOVE is real to me.

  • LOVE reminds me that each moment is precious.

  • LOVE made the world go away.

  • LOVE has shown me the depth of my heart.

  • Do you hear me singing to you miles away?

  • LOVE cannot survive without TRUTH.

  • LOVE remembers all the love I wasted on you.

  • LOVE is my tears.

  • LOVE makes me crazy!

  • LOVE never leaves me.

  • LOVE thrills me!!

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