Dirty Poems

Dirty Poems

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We all long for a dirty poem from time to time. Dirty poems may be a description of an incident that happened in the past.

The first poem here narrates an affair. The guy met a woman in a Halloween part, and their meting ended up with them sleeping together, and waking up late the next morning:

    It was a Halloween party,
    When I smelled this perfume.

    It was from a gorgeous lady,
    Dressed in a maiden costume.

    She winked at me,
    And I followed her to the dressing room.

    She locked the door & undressed,
    And in turn I took off my costume.

    We had the best sex,
    My manhood saluting her womb.

    But the next day, we woke up late,
    So we couldn't resume.

The next poem describes an aroused woman who visited a man. She wanted him to have sex with her.

    One night, she came to me,
    And spoke of her desire.

    I surely agreed,
    With my passions set on fire.

    Once I sucked her nipples,
    She went high & higher.

    And, on that heavenly night, I quenched her need,
    But she rekindled my desire.

Another theme in dirty poems is fantasies. A man, for example, can speak of his fantasies about a certain girl:

    I want to kiss you,
    I want to hug you tight.

    Let's feel each other,
    And make love all night.

Men ususally fantasize about the physical magic of women:

    Let me touch these tities,
    Let me kiss this sexy mouth.

    Let me lie with you in bed,
    Gently gently going south.

Another romantic fantasy:

    Come & sit on my lap;
    Put your arms around my neck.

    Let's enjoy our nigh out,
    And make love on this deck.

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