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Flirt SMS, our agreement, makes me happy, twinkle, shines

Please enjoy these flirt sms by Leia Phillips:

  • OFF... If you see a girl riding a pink bicycle smiling as she sings with tears on her face... it will be me.

  • I want to LOVE you till the end of time. It is our agreement.

  • I love with every ounce of my being! It is who I AM. It makes me happy to LOVE. I don't LOVE because I want something... I just want to LOVE.

  • LOVE is everything. LOVE is more than any words can communicate. LOVE is the most beautiful feeling in the world. LOVE HEALS HEARTS.

  • LOVE is saying I WOULD GO THROUGH EVERY BIT OF PAIN again to find the POWER OF LOVE.

  • LOVE really did find me. LOVE really did love me. LOVE really showed me the LOVE that LIVES within me. I will sleep knowing LOVE is real.

  • LOVE is telling your heart to the one you LOVE!

  • LOVE is me and you living on the Planet Earth.

  • When we begin to LOVE MORE, we don't see all the other.

  • LOVE is telling your heart to the one you LOVE!

  • Shorter flirt sms:

  • LOVE is the only reason I am alive.

  • LOVE is the stars that twinkle.

  • LOVE is the moon that lights the night.

  • LOVE is the sun that shines on us.

  • LOVE is the air we breathe.

  • LOVE keeps me beaming.

  • LOVE keeps me dreaming.

  • LOVE keeps me smiling.

  • LOVE is twinkling.

  • LOVE is you.

  • LOVE is the symphony.

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