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Here is a collection of free ebooks for you to download. Please click on the links below for more details. These books cover a variety of subjects such as sexuality, cooking and pets.

Sexuality & Relationship Ebooks

    Intimacy Tips E-course
    A free e-course with easy to read information about foreplay, fellatio, premature ejaculation, G-spot, PC muscle, orgasm, and LOTS more... Totally free for you.

    Illustrated Kama Sutra
    Explore the ancient secrets of sex. Complemented with a modern sex positions guide, which is also illustrated.

Health & Fitness Ebooks

    Weight Loss Diet
    Health tips, healthy eating, cancer prevention, smoothies for Athletes, and delicious diabetic recipes.

    Vegetarian Food
    Vegetarian recipes, new dishes, delicious variety, and why you should be vegetarian.

Food & Cooking Ebooks

    Learn to Cook
    Includes salad recipes, egg recipes, cooking fish, cooking beef... and a lot of advice on cooking.

    Chocolates & Desserts Ebooks
    Includes pudding recipes, apple recipes, chocolate and cocoa recipes... and many other free ebooks.

    Coffee and Tea Ebooks
    Includes coffee recipes, cappuccino recipes and others.

    Foreign Recipes
    Includes Italian cuisines, Australian cuisines, Belgian cuisines, Indian cuisines and so on.

Pets Ebooks

    Dog Handbook
    Owning a dog is not just about feeding it but also about grooming, watching its health and diet, cleaning up after it and most importantly, giving it some tender loving care.

    Dog Health
    A good bath, trimming, eyes, teeth, bad breath, nails, ears, nose, dandruff... etc.

    Natural Dog Food
    Delicious pet recipes, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Spoil your poor pet here :-)

Miscellaneous Ebooks

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