Free Romantic Poems

Free Romantic Poems

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The following is another romantic poem that expresses loyalty, stressing that only death can make the lover break their promise:


    I promise..

    I'll never stop loving you, no way!
    The only reason I may not one day,
    Is not cheating, or going astray,
    But by passing away.

Another common theme in romantic poems is expressing desires & feelings, and how strong one's love is:


    I want to tell you what's in my heart,
    I want to express my desire.

    Your heart is tender & kind.
    It makes mine a flaming fire.

    If I don't see you, I'll go blind,
    And I'm no liar.

On the contrary, a romantic poem can be a plea to the beloved to express their feelings. This is usually either because the addresser wants to be assured of the addressee's emotions, or to simply enjoy hearing passionate words:


    I want to hear from you one word,
    I need to hear it first, second & third.

    I crave I love you,
    And I want it undeterred.

Love poems can also describe the lover's feelings before & after falling in love:


    I used to see you & others alike,
    I never thought your love would strike.

    I never thought we'll be one part,
    No.. you are my heart.

Lovers sometimes prefer to text each other because mobile phones are handy to send quick free romantic poems. However, this poem describes a lover addressing the SMS itself:


    How lucky you are..

    In seconds..

      You are in her soft hands,
      Read by her pretty eyes.

    Do me a favor..
      Kiss her I love you,
      Taking her by surprise.

I hope you enjoy reading these free romantic poems.

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