Friendship Poetry

Friendship poetry

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In addition, you can assure your friend that you won't forget them & that you always feel them beside you:

    never forget you, beside you, assure your friend, love, with friends

    I'll never forget you,
    No matter how far you are.

    I'll always feel you beside me,
    Whether I'm at home or at a bar.

    You've always been my hero,
    And you'll always be my glorious star.

An ironic theme in friendship poetry is telling them that you don't need to tell them about your feelings:

    express my feelings, my desire, ironic, special place, in my heart

    No need to express my feelings.
    No need to describe or explain.

    You hold a special place in my heart,
    And in each blood-drop in every vein.

Another theme of the friendship poetry is future assurance. For example, tell them that you're, and will always be, there for them:

    you have a friend, always there for you, keep in mind, won't forget you

    That you have a friend always there for you,
    Is something I want you to keep in mind,

    A friend who will not forget you,
    Someone, when you need, you can find.

Another example is assuring them that they're always in mind:

    noble heart, our fate, keep you in mind, soul mate, my heart

    My heart is noble, be assured.
    It cannot forget a soul mate.

    It'll always keep you in mind,
    No matter what becomes our fate.

Another example of strong themes is informing them that nothing ever can change your friendship:

    break friendship, no money, another friend, friendship poetry, lovers

    Nothing can break our friendship,
    Let it be big or small.

    No money, or distance,
    No another friend, or a cell wall.

Please enjoy this friendship poetry and share it with all your friends.

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