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Friendship sms messages

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Friendship sms messages by Leia Phillips:

  • LOVE those who don't LOVE YOU.

  • LOVE those who don't know how to open their hearts.

  • LOVE those who need LOVE.


  • Say I LOVE YOU to people who are on your path.

  • Tell someone you LOVE them every day!

  • YOU CAN'T TRADEMARK THE WORD LOVE... It belongs to everyone!

  • If you can't spread LOVE, don't spread LIES.

  • When you share with everyone, the Universe smiles down on you.

  • All we need is LOVE, the Universe lines up the rest.

  • LOVE those who don't want to be LOVED.

  • LOVE keeps me dreaming of a day when we all UNITE IN LOVE.

  • LOVE and let the world know that LOVE IS YOUR PURPOSE.

  • When you LOVE, you don't have time to HATE.

  • If you know someone who has less than you, make them a LOVEBOX and leave by their door anonymously. The Universe is watching and will reward you.

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